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NEW: Catalogue URL redirecting to a prefiltered page

Take advantage of this new feature developed by Oxatis experts!

You can now create a URL that directly displays a selection of products based on product characteristics or options. This allows you to direct customers to pages that answer their exact query on Google shopping for example. You can also create a URL displaying a certain selection of products you wish to clear and insert in in your emailing campaigns or site menu.

Why create Catalogue URLs?

Deliver the most relevant landing pages without creating a new category! Your customers visit relevant pages that meet their expectations. This way you improve your conversion rate and decrease your bounce rate.

Note: the SEO properties have been optimised so that these URLs improve the organic ranking of the site.

3 example uses of this new feature:

  • Marketing purposes such as emailing campaigns, pop-ups and and advertising,
  • Seasonal categories such as Valentine’s Day gifts, Christmas pages, products,
  • In a custom page.

How to create a Catalogue URL?

Catalogue URLs are based on the characteristics and options you have defined for your faceted search display.

If you are not familiar with the use of facets, we advise you to consult the help files on creating faceted navigation for your site.

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